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By goforthli57773958, Apr 28 2017 06:00PM

Understanding What It Takes to Pursue Justice

It’s impossible to rewind time and go back to life before your auto accident. Pursuing a court claim, however, is the next best thing for many victims. Before you do, it might be helpful to consider some background and practical examples of everyday situations.

What Do I Need to Seek an Accident Settlement?

The law allows you to pursue claims to offset the expenses and suffering associated with the damages that you incurred in your accident. If you want to convince a court that you deserve compensation, you’ll need to prove that some other party ought to be held liable for the incident and its aftermath.

In states like Louisiana, you need to adhere to many rules to file a claim. For instance, motorists and passengers have a one-year time limit for filing a lawsuit concerning personal injury or property damage.

Louisiana also upholds comparative fault laws. These rules mean that if you shared the responsibility for a car accident with another motorist, you could still obtain compensation. The amount that you’ll be eligible to receive will decrease if you’re found partially to blame.

What Makes a Claim Viable?

Every accident differs. To establish beyond a reasonable doubt that you wouldn’t have suffered if not for another party’s actions, you must prove that they made intentional choices that were somehow negligent.

Negligence may include everything from speeding, to failing to rest before a long shift of commercial vehicle operation and falling asleep behind the wheel. Automakers, parts companies, or mechanics who didn’t perform their job duties correctly could also be deemed negligent if they contributed to you getting into an auto accident.

As the party filing the claim, it is Goforth & Lilley’s role to support your claim. In other words, we must present case-specific evidence that clearly demonstrates the cause-and-effect relationships between another person's decisions and the negative outcomes.

Which Kinds of Claims Occur Most?

The law’s broad scope means that liability claims can take many forms. Some of the most prevalent are related to

18-wheeler and commercial vehicle accidents that cause significant property damage,

• Motorcycle accidents resulting in bodily harm,

• Consumer vehicle accidents related to defective parts,

• Accidents on dangerous roads, and

• Incidents where drivers hit cyclists or pedestrians.

Individuals who sustain injuries may seek judgments not only their emergency room visit, but also the ongoing expense of rehabilitative therapy. Someone whose spouse is killed might seek fair compensation for the emotional and psychological traumas they experience.


When you’ve been in an accident and you need restitution, it is important to receive swift and fair justice. Having a good attorney on your side is always helpful in navigating the law, and our representatives are ready for your call today! Don’t wait for time to run out on your claim, contact us, and we will put your mind at ease, and get you the compensation you deserve!

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