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Louisiana car accident kills 2 on Interstate in West Baton Rouge

A husband and wife traveling together met a tragic end in West Baton Rouge recently, according to local law enforcement sources. Louisiana State Troopers report the two were killed in a car accident late on a Friday in mid-November. An investigation is still underway as of this writing, and no criminal charges have been filed in connection with the case.

According to police reports, the 66-year-old man and his 65-year-old wife were traveling along Interstate 10 when an oncoming driver lost control of a truck. Police believe this may have been the result of a separated front tire on that vehicle. The truck struck the couple's pickup truck on the left side.

Man charged with murder in fatal car crash in Louisiana

A man charged with DWI for a fifth time in the last two decades has pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree feticide, according to local news sources. The 49-year-old man has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison following a fatal car crash that caused the death of an unborn child whose mother was involved in the accident. Louisiana authorities have sentenced the man to the maximum possible penalty associated with this crime.

The accident took place in March of 2012, when the man was traveling the wrong way while intoxicated behind the wheel of his vehicle. He struck the other vehicle head-on, injuring the 19-year old mother-to-be and causing her to lose her unborn baby. Police found his blood alcohol level to be .156 percent, almost twice the legal limit in the state of Louisiana. He was also driving with a suspended license.

Louisiana car accident leaves 2 dead

A local football player is in critical condition and two other people are dead following a tragic head-on collision on Nov. 2. The car accident happened in Louisiana's Ouachita Parish, and while alcohol use is not suspected at this time, routine toxicology exams have been ordered. The crash is still under investigation by local police at the time of this writing.

According to police reports, a 63-year-old man crossed the center line on Louisiana Highway 594, striking another vehicle head-on. The 17-year-old driver of the other vehicle, along with the 63-year-old driver of the initial vehicle, both sustained fatal injuries in the crash. They were pronounced dead by arriving medical personnel.

Louisiana woman sentenced in fatal car crash case

A woman accused of five counts of vehicular homicide in connection with a horrendous crash in 2011 has been found guilty and sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison, according to court documents. The fatal car crash that claimed the lives of three children and two adults has been in the Louisiana court system for the last two years, but a verdict has finally been reached. The woman responsible will serve only four years of the twenty-year sentence.

Police believe the woman, who was driving an SUV at the time of the accident, was operating her vehicle recklessly in tandem with the 29-year-old driver of another vehicle who was attempting to pass her. Apparently his vehicle clipped hers. This sent him into oncoming traffic where he collided head-on with a vehicle heading the opposite direction.

Fatal car crash in Louisiana attributed to DUI

A tragic accident that left a teenager dead on Oct. 19 has been deemed the fault of a 21-year-old driver by local police. The Louisiana man was arrested at the scene of the fatal car crash and has been charged with a variety of infractions, most notably vehicular homicide and driving under the influence. No court date has yet been set in this case.

Police files indicate the man and his 18-year-old female passenger were traveling early in the morning of Oct. 19 when he apparently lost control of the vehicle and drove it into a traffic pole. The girl, who was not properly secured in the vehicle at the time of the accident, sustained critical injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel. The man was arrested shortly thereafter by arriving police.

Man dies in car accident in Louisiana

One man is dead and another driver is in the hospital following a two-car crash in New Orleans on Oct. 15. Local Louisiana authorities are still determining the cause of the car accident which claimed the life of a driver who police have yet to identify. It is unknown at this time whether police suspect intoxication or speed as possible factors in this accident.

Police records indicate the unknown driver was traveling northbound just before 1 a.m. when the vehicle struck a second vehicle traveling westbound. The resulting collision forced the second vehicle, being driven by a 28-year-old man, into a telephone pole. He was rushed to hospital by arriving medical authorities.

Louisiana 18-wheeler accident claims 3 lives, injures 1

Both fear and frustration may plague individuals whose loved ones were injured or killed in a Louisiana vehicle accident. This is especially true if the accident was not the victims' fault and if the collision involved an 18-wheeler, which can cause severe damage on the road due to its large size. The 18-wheeler accident victims' families have the right to seek monetary damages which can help to cover medical expenses and other costs resulting from the collision.

Three people were killed and one person suffered serious injuries following a truck accident in Louisiana. An 18-wheeler crossed the middle line of Louisiana 3127 and hit two vehicles on the highway. The truck was driven by a 43-year-old man, who was driving north.

2 dead following single-car accident in Louisiana

Local law enforcement has reported that a single car crash has claimed the lives of two people. Louisiana police are still investigating the car accident, that happened in the early afternoon of Sept. 28. The driver of the vehicle has been charged with a variety of infractions, including DUI.

Police records indicate the vehicle was carrying five passengers plus a 36-year-old driver southbound on Highway 24 when the car crossed the center line into oncoming traffic. The passenger in the front seat of the vehicle apparently grabbed the wheel and pulled hard to the right to keep the car from colliding with a transport truck, but the movement forced the car off the road. The car impacted on the right side with a tree, killing the front seat passenger and one other instantly.

Out-of-state woman killed in Louisiana fatal car crash

Police are continuing to investigate a tragic accident that claimed the life of an out-of-state visitor on Sept. 18. Louisiana police have not determined the cause of the fatal car crash that killed a 63-year-old woman. The other driver has, however, been charged with careless driving.

According to police records, the victim was driving south on Highway 765 when a vehicle driven by a 20-year-old woman traveling the opposite direction abruptly crossed the center line. The two vehicles collided head-on. Arriving medical personnel declared the 63-year-old woman dead on the scene. The other driver and her passenger, who has not been publicly identified by police, both suffered moderate injuries and were transported to a local hospital for treatment.

2 dead following Louisiana car accident

Two people were pronounced dead at the scene of an accident on Sept. 9, according to local law enforcement. Police are blaming the car accident on the driver, a Louisiana resident, who police say failed to stop at a stop sign. The investigation is ongoing, however.

Police say the man, a 71-year-old, was driving with his 63-year-old female passenger on LA 3235 when he drove through an intersection without stopping. A pickup truck traveling in a perpendicular direction struck the vehicle on its driver's side. Both the driver and passenger in the car were pronounced dead by arriving medical personnel.

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